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We've Got Answers!

There's always those questions that pop into everyone's head. We'll do our best to answer our most popular questions, but if you don't see what you're looking for here, feel free to drop us a line!

How does this work?

We help plan your drink menu and bring the bar right to the party. It seems too good to be true, right?? But hey, that is what we do! We specialize in making all your bar needs come true.

What kind of events do you do?

If you're having an event, we're there!

Here are just a few ideas...

       : weddings/anniversaries/rehearsal dinners/bachelor & bachelorette parties 

       : birthday parties

       : holiday parties

       : pop-up events

       : tail gate parties

       : graduation parties 

       : reunions

       : corporate events

       : Sunday Fundays (just to reiterate, the sky's the limit, for real!!)

Do you do collaborations or rent out for photo shoots?

Yes, yes, and yes!! We are always down to meet other local business owners and to be a part of photoshoots. Message us if interested!

Does The Thirsty Goose sell or provide alcohol?

No. Due to Ohio liquor laws, you provide the alcohol and we may serve it. But just because you are responsible for purchasing all liquor, does not mean we can't help you figure out how much you'll need. One of our services in helping plan the menu is to help figure out how much of each item to get. So lets get planning!

Can we pick what is served?

Because we are serving the alcohol you purchased we get to build the menu that works for you. The only limitations we have are on quantities of options. Due to space restraints, we have the following rules:

- Max of 4 beers or 3 beers and 1 seltzer

- Max of 2 reds and 2 whites. Champagne may be added if a small quantity is purchased for bridal party only, or additional champagne toast has been purchased. 

- Max of 1 type of each alcohol. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone's favorite liquor brand. You'll have to pick just one :)

Are you insured?

You betcha! Along with general liability, we also carry liquor liability, and all of our bartenders have been T.I.P.S. certified

How many hours do you serve?

Our packages include 5 hours of service, and we find this is usually sufficient. If you need more time though, we can add on up to another hour. Our max service time is 6 hours.

When is last call?

We serve, the latest, until 10:30. Unfortunately, we do not serve past then, and all last calls must be made by 10:00. 

Can anything other than beer be served on draft?

Heck yes! Along with beer, we can serve cocktails, wine and soda. We have a list of cocktails to choose from that we've done on draft previously, but just let us know if you have something else in mind.

How many guests can you serve with any given rental?

Great question, each rental can serve up to 150-175 guests, depending on the bar package being served. 

Do you charge for mileage?

If delivery is within 30 miles of our location there is no additional travel charge. Anything beyond that we charge $1.50/mile.

How do I save my date?

Interested in reserving your special days date? We simply require a signed contract, & $500 deposit. 

Do you have questions?

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